Tink Larson Field Grandstand Donations

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On April 6th, The Waseca Fire Department responded to a call at Tink Larson Field to find the grandstand engulfed in flames. The Waseca Fire Fighters’, assisted by Fire Fighters from Janesville and Owatonna, quick response allowed them to contain the fire to the grandstand where they worked for several hours getting it under control, and long into the night ensuring that it would not flare back up.

Tink Larson Field is named after the long-time Waseca High School Baseball Coach, who in 1971 rallied the community to save the 1930’s era Works Progress Administration funded Grandstand from demolition, and convinced the Waseca City Council to rehabilitate and improve the structure. It was for this, and Tink’s tireless efforts continually maintaining and improving the field, that led to the City of Waseca naming the field after him.

Sadly, the damage to the Grandstand makes it unsalvageable, but there has been an immediate outpouring of support from the community, those connected to the community, and the many people who know and admire Tink Larson, expressing a desire to contribute in the replacement of this Waseca icon.

BEST of Waseca County, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to “Promoting communication and collaboration for the betterment of the County and the communities in Waseca County”, has agreed to serve as the City’s designated entity to receive all contributions from those who wish to help fund the replacement of the Grandstand. Donations can be made using the “DONATE” button below, or they can be brought in or sent to:

BEST of Waseca County

Attn: Tink Larson Field Grandstand

508 South State St.

Waseca, MN 56093

Thank you for your support as the Waseca Community proves yet again how it comes together in the face of adversity, and shows what a great and special place it is!

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