Old Trunk Hwy 14/Elm Avenue Updates

This page will be updated regularly with information related to the Old TH 14/Elm Avenue Reconstruction Project.

The City has contracted with Stantec Consulting to provide engineering and project management services for the Old TH 14 project.  Project representatives will be holding office hours on Wednesdays from 10 am to 2 pm at Waseca City Hall, 508 South State Street.  Residents and Business owners are encouraged to meet with project representatives during these times to discuss project ideas or concerns they may have.  Appointments are not necessary but are encouraged.  To schedule an appointment with the project team or to discuss any other aspects with the project please contact   Mark DuChene, Waseca City Engineer at (507) 835-9716 or markd@ci.waseca.mn.us

Update #20 (9/15/17) Week 14 Construction Update (Click Here)

Update #19 (9/8/17) Week 13 Construction Update (Click Here)

(Special Note: The September 8, 2017 Waseca County News publication mistakenly identified a September 29, 2017 public open house regarding the Old TH 14 project. THERE IS NO PLANNED OPEN HOUSE. A correction will be printed in the September 15 Waseca County News)

Update #18 (9/1/17) Week 12 Construction Update (Click Here)

Update #17 (8/25/17) Week 11 Construction Update (Click Here)

Update #17 (8/18/17) Week 10 Construction Update (Click Here)

Update #16 (8/11/17) Week 9 Construction Update (Click Here)

Update #15 (8/4/17) Week 8 Construction Update (Click Here)

Update #14 (7/28/17) Week 7 Construction Update (Click Here)

Update #13 (7/21/17) Week 6 Construction Update (Click Here)

Update #12 (7/14/17) Week 5 Construction Update (Click Here)

Update #11 (7/7/17) Week 4 Construction Update (Click Here)

Update #10 (6/30/17) Week 3 Construction Update (Click Here)

Update #9 (6/23/17) Week 2 Construction Update (Click Here)

Update #8 (6/16/17) Week 1 Construction Update (Click Here)

Update #7 (6/14/17) Public Open House 3

A Public Open House to discuss construction was held on 6/13/17.  Below are links to materials handed out at the open house.  Weekly updates will be provided via the City Manager’s City Limits report which is available on the City’s website and facebook pages.

Old TH 14 Public Meeting 3 (Mailed Invitation)    FAQ Old TH 14 Reconstruction     Old TH 14 – Alternative Access Maps

Update # 6 Project Memorandum 

As part of the project a document called a Project Memorandum was completed.  A public comment period on the Project Memorandum is open until October 3, 2016.  Comments can be directed to Mark DuChene, City Engineer at 508 South State Street, Waseca, MN 56093 or markd@ci.waseca.mn.us  A link to the Project Memorandum, Public Notice and Project Description are below.

Old TH 14 Project Memorandum     Old TH 14 Project Memorandum Public Notice     Old TH 14 Project Memorandum Public Notice Attachement

Update #5 (9/17/15)

The City will be hosting Public Open House #2 on Tuesday, September 29, 2015, from 4:30 pm to 7 pm at the Waseca Public Safety Building located at 303 South State Street.  A copy of the notice and presentation materials is below.

Elm Ave Open House 2      Public Open House 2 Comment Sheet_final

Waseca Open House 2 Boards_final      Waseca Open House 2 Handout_final

Waseca Open House 2 Enhanced Geometric V2

Waseca Open House 2 Enhance Geometric Layout Alternative

Update #4 (8/4/15)

Below is a link to the materials presented to the City Council at the August 3, 2015, regular City Council meeting.  The general direction from the City Council was to pursue Concept A.

Old TH 14 Discussion Item 8-3-15

Update #3 (7/23/15)

The Project Team is encouraging businesses along the project corridor to meet individually to discuss their needs and concerns.

Business Stakeholder engagement letter #1

Update #2 (7/6/15)

Click below for a link to a summary of the comments received at the First Open House.

Open House Comment Summary

Update #1 (6/29/15)

The First Open House for the Elm Avenue Reconstruction Project is scheduled for June 30, 2015, from 3-6:30 pm at the Waseca Public Safety Building located at 303 South State Street, Waseca.  Click on the information below for copies of the materials to be shown at the open house.

PROJECT OPEN HOUSE #1      Waseca Open House Boards 6-25-15

Waseca Issues – Large Plot 6-29-2015