Important Clean-up Information

Important Reminders:

DO NOT use power or gas when you have standing water. Turn off services immediately.

DO NOT attempt to pump basements with three feet or more of water without having the basements evaluated by the City’s Building Inspector. We are recommending leaving basements to drain naturally at this point.

USE personal protective gear when handling water and any items that were impacted by the water for your protection. Do not allow skin to come into contact. More information below under important personal protection information.

If you need assistance with flood cleanup call United Way 2-1-1 at: 1-800-543-7709

Important Solicitor/Unknown Contractor Information: 

All door-to-door solicitors and unknown contractors are required to check in and pick up a solicitors permit at City Hall on Monday at 8:00 am. This is to make sure they are being verified for residents’ protection.

Residents should ask to see the pass prior to allowing contractors to assist. This is for both protections about work getting completed but also to ensure contractors are bonded/licensed to do the work.

Debris Clean-up Information: 

Waseca County Waste Management Facility – Open Regular Hours

Waseca Debris Clean-up Information

Janesville Debris Clean-up Information

New Richland Debris Clean-up Information

Waldorf Debris Clean-up Information

Important Personal Protection Information:

Residents should wear protective gear while cleaning up and assume all water that entered your home is contaminated with water from the sanitary sewer system, even if it looks clear.

Even if floodwater did not come into contact with sanitary sewer water it can still carry many contaminants. This includes human and animal waste, oil and other chemical and contaminants. Skin must be protected at all times, and should not be allowed to come in contact with floodwater or items damage by water.

Tips for keeping yourself safe and other flood safety and recovery information can be found below:

Personal protective equipment

Other related information

Clean-up Kits:

Clean-up kits are available in the Waseca Public Safety Building and at the Janesville, New Richland and Waldorf City Hall.

Waseca Public Safety Building, 303 S. State Street, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Janesville City Hall: 101 N. Mott Street, Janesville, MN South Entrance (

New Richland City Hall: 203 N Broadway, New Richland, MN (

Waldorf City Hall: 119 S. Main St., Waldorf, MN

People affected by flooding may request other assistance by calling United Way 2-1-1 at: 1-800-543-7709