Snow Removal And Ice Control

Sanding is required when we get ½ to 1 inch of snow or freezing rain.  We use about 400 ton of salt each year.

It takes 8 of our employees 8 to 12 hours to plow snow throughout the City depending on the storm.  Staff uses 4 plow trucks, 2 loaders, a motor grader and a bobcat to remove snow from streets, alleys and parking lots.  The motor grader windrows the snow to the center of the streets in the downtown, by churches and the middle school and where sidewalks are directly behind the curb.  Removing and hauling snow in windrows is done at night.  This process takes from 4 to 8 hours and requires 4 city trucks, 5 to 8 hired trucks, 2 loaders (one with the blower), the motor grader and the bobcat.

During snow plowing, the snow is piled in parking lots and 28 cul-de-sacs and hauled out at a later date.  Snow is also pushed onto the boulevards until they are full and also hauled out.