Manholes/Lift Stations/Sewer Mains

Storm Sewer System:

The system consists of 40 miles of storm sewer pipe, approximately 1400 manholes and catch basins and 18 holding ponds.  Maintenance includes; cleaning pipe and catch basins of debris as needed, rebuilding catch basins that have deteriorated, repair broken pipe that cause washouts in the street and maintain inlets and outlets of holding ponds.

The Street Department also maintain and repair the 54 acre treatment marsh.  This receives a majority of the storm water from the city.  Maintenance includes cleaning ditches, repairing washouts on banks, and operating control structures that divert water to various cells in the marsh.  Each year staff mows and harvests vegetation from the cells.

Occasionally the lakes need shore line repair and maintenance.  Staff also maintains the aeration system and thin ice signs on Loon Lake.

Sanitary Sewer System:

The system consists of 45 miles of sewer pipe, 1020 manholes and 11 lift stations.  Maintenance includes repairing manhole structures and damaged pipe and cleaning main lines.  The Street Department has developed a sewer cleaning program that allows us to clean 33% of the system each year.  Staff monitors a list of problem areas that are cleaned every 6 months.  This program has been effective in preventing plugged sewer lines that cause backups in resident’s homes.  Sewer cleaning is usually done in the spring and fall and during the winter if weather permits.

Sewer Televising Inspection:

In 2001 a televising (camera) unit was purchased to inspect the sewer lines.  The camera is capable of maneuvering through sanitary sewer pipe to visually look for the condition of pipe and identify areas of storm water infiltration.  This information is beneficial in planning for sewer replacement in conjunction with street projects.

This program is time consuming.  It is worked into our schedule through the year.

Staff has been working on the sanitary sewer system for 6 years and is about complete the inspections.  Next the City will start televising the storm sewer system.