Park Board Members

Appointed by:   Mayor & City Council

Number of Members:   Five (5)

Number of Ex-Officio Members:   One (1)

Length of Term:   3 years

Number of Terms Allowed: Four consecutive terms

Meetings held: 1st Tuesday of each month, Waseca Park Dept. – 117 2nd Ave SE – 11:30 a.m.

Term begins:   February


Current Park Board Members:

Allan Judd

Mike Francis

Tom Hindt

Jeanne Sexton

Mark Christiansen (City Council Rep)

Section 2.08       Park Advisory Board

Subd. 1.  Composition and Terms.  The Park Advisory Board shall consist of five members; four (4) general public, and one (1) Council member, each appointed by the City Council for three year terms and until their successor is appointed and qualified.

Subd. 2.  Organization.  The Board shall elect its own Chairman and Secretary, may provide its own rules and procedures, and shall determine the date and times of its meetings.  The Secretary shall represent the Park Board on the Community Education and Recreation Advisory Board per School/City joint powers agreement.

Subd. 3.  Duties and Responsibilities.  The Park Advisory Board shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • The Board shall have the duty of holding monthly meetings with the City Manager or his/her designate to consider such matters pertaining to parks in the City as may be referred to the Board by the City Council, City Manager, or Board of Independent School District No. 829 or as members of the Board deem proper.
  • The Board shall make an annual advisory report no later than July 1 which shall contain the Board’s recommendations to the City Manager and City Council for the ensuing year pertaining to, but not limited to park land acquisition, development, improvement and use.
  • The Board shall have the authority and responsibility to enforce and implement the City’s reforestation plan as adopted by the City Council and adopted by reference by this Ordinance.
  • The Board may recommend establishment, or amendment of regulations governing the use of all park land within the City.