City Administration

The City of Waseca operates under the Council-Manager form of government.  Under this system, the City Council hires a professional City Manager who is responsible for translating council policy into action, as well as the daily administration and management of all City departments. The strength of the council/manager form of government lies in the political leadership of the City Council combined with the managerial expertise of a City Manager.

If you would like to contact the City Manager or a Department Head, simply click on their e-mail address and leave a message!

City Manager – Lee Mattson- e-mail  Mr. Mattson

Finance Director – Alicia Fischer – e-mail Mrs. Fischer

City Engineer –  Tom Kellogg – e-mail City Engineer

Director of Utilities – Carl Sonnenberg e-mail Mr. Sonnenberg

Assistant to the City Manager – Mike Anderson – e-mail Mr. Anderson

Planning and Zoning Coordinator – Bill Green – e-mail Mr. Green

Economic Development Coordinator – Gary Sandholm – e-mail Mr. Sandholm

Police Chief – Penny Vought e-mail Chief Vought