| July 22, 2019

Starting Tuesday, July 30th, the City of Waseca will provide free pickup of brush and tree limbs. All materials must be on the curb by 7:00 am, July 30th, to be included in the pick-up. Should additional weather events cause the need to push this date back, the City of Waseca’s website and Facebook pages will be updated with the most current information. Residents may also call the City at 507-835-9700.

There are several regulations that must be met for the material to be picked up.

  • City Crews will not cut down or cut into pieces any trees. The only exception is if there are trees
    that are in contact with power lines.   If a property has a tree in contact with power lines, please contact Waseca Utilities at 507-835-9718 to report it.
  • Brush must be piled on the curb – crews will not enter on private property to pick up the
  • No material other than brush/trees shall be placed in the brush pile.
  • Animal waste, garbage, demolition material, lumber, etc. will not be accepted. Any inclusion of
    any excluded materials will result in the whole pile being left. Crews will not sort piles.
  • Trees should be cut down to a maximum length of 8′.
  • All limbs and branches must be placed parallel to the curb.

The City of Waseca will not be responsible for turf damage caused by this service.

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