City of Waseca Sanitary Sewer Flow Testing

| March 15, 2019

Sanitary sewer flow equipment installation south of Eleventh Avenue NW/NE is scheduled to begin Monday, March 18th , and will continue next week until installation completion.  Sanitary flow monitoring equipment will be installed and will remain in place at various locations for several months in order to help pinpoint the City’s worst sources of I&I, Inflow and Infiltration.  I&I is clean water that enters private property sanitary sewer services and City sanitary sewer mains.  By pinpointing our worst I&I sources, the City plans to prioritize and continue removing I&I from our sewers.

Typical sanitary sewer manhole locations are in the center of our streets.  Trucks from the City and from Stantec, our wastewater consultant, will need to stop in the center of streets to access the manholes.  Please drive slowly around these vehicles for everyone’s safety.

If you have questions about this project, please email Carl Sonnenberg, Utilities & Public Works Director at Utilities

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