Winter Snow Emergency and Parking Reminder

| December 7, 2017

With winter upon us, we’d like to take the time to remind the community about Waseca’s winter parking ordinance. The goal of the City of Waseca is to remove snow and ice from public roadways in a timely manner in order to promote safe travel for the public.

Snow emergencies start automatically any time of the day or night, upon the receipt of 3 or more inches of snow anywhere in the City.   A formal snow emergency announcement is not made and residents should be aware of the possibility of snowfall and plan ahead to have their vehicles moved off of the public streets whenever snow is forecasted to be more than an inch to make snow and ice removal operations as quick and efficient as possible, and to reduce the risk of receiving a ticket. Once a snowfall event accumulates 3 inches or more of snowfall as measured by the City, a snow emergency is automatically in effect and all vehicles left on public streets may be ticketed.   The City of Waseca and Waseca Police Department will make efforts to remind the public of possible upcoming snow emergencies on their respective Facebook pages, but may not be able to provide the exact time a snow emergency will start.

Click Here for more information on the City’s Snow Emergency Policy and other Frequently Asked Questions.

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