City Wide Brush Pick Up

| March 20, 2017

Starting Monday, May 1st  the City of Waseca will provide free pickup of brush. All materials must be on the curb by 7:00 am, May 1st  to be included in the pick-up. There are several regulations that must be met for the material to be picked up.

  • Brush must be piled on the curb – crews will not enter on private property to pick up the brush.
  • No material other than brush shall be placed in the brush pile.
  • Animal waste, garbage, demolition material, lumber, etc. will not be accepted. Any inclusion of any excluded materials will result in the whole pile being left. Crews will not sort piles.
  • A limit of one dump truck load per address will be in effect. Any more than one dump truck load will be left on the curb.
  • No tree branches over 8” in diameter or material over 8’ in length will be taken.
  • All limbs and branches must be placed parallel to the curb.

The City of Waseca will not be responsible for turf damage caused by this service.

Because this is a costly service in terms of manpower and equipment, it will be a one-time only service. As a result, if the material is not on the curb by 7:00 am, May 1st, we cannot guarantee that it will be picked up. The crews will make only one pass on each street to pick up the material. There are many other jobs that the crews will be involved with and as result, we will not be able to return to make special pick-ups.

This is an opportunity for residents to clean up their trees and bushes and have the material hauled away for them. Let’s all take advantage of this opportunity to clean up our yards and our community!

Keep in mind there will be an expanded FALL pick-up of leaves scheduled at a later date and advertised in the City Newsletter & Website.

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