| November 4, 2016


Waseca County Emergency Management was informed today that Governor Dayton’s request for Individual Assistance through FEMA was denied by the Washington D.C. headquarters. The State of Minnesota will appeal this decision and has sent a formal request to FEMA Region V to conduct a supplemental joint damage assessment. This means FEMA Region 5 representatives out of Chicago, along with state Homeland Security and Emergency Management staff will be coming back through Waseca next week.

If you have not already reported damages to your home please do so ASAP by calling Waseca County Emergency Management at 507-835-0690. If there is no answer please leave a message detailing the extent of damage to your property, including appliances that came in contact with water, depth of water, if there was a back-up through your floor drains, if the basement was finished or used as living space and any other details you can provide. You can also follow the below link and complete a damage assessment form online:

Online Damage Assessment Form

FEMA will be in town Tuesday, November 8th through Thursday, November 10th to conduct damage assessments again. City and County staff are going to work with FEMA to identify what neighborhoods they will be in at what time. We will share this information as quickly as possible so that residents can try and be home and report damages in person. FEMA uses the reports provide by the County to identify neighborhoods, but they must independently verify damages. Please have conversations with your neighbors about damages so that if someone in the neighborhood is home they can share more than just their own property damage.

It is critical that we provide FEMA with as accurate a picture of the damages as possible so that our community can get much needed assistance to individuals. Thanks for your support in this effort.

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