Public Information for Residents Regarding Storm Damage Repairs

| September 24, 2014

The City of Waseca would like to provide our residents with information regarding what to do if property owners have storm damages to their property.

In regards to door to door solicitors: All solicitors operating within the City of Waseca are required to be registered with the City.  There is no cost to be a registered solicitor and all persons registered to solicit services in Waseca must fill out a City solicitors permit and provide the City with a copy of valid identification.  The issuance of a solicitors permit is in no way an endorsement of the City of Waseca for the solicitor or the services they are proposing.  Property owners have no obligation to talk to solicitors and have every right to ask them to leave their property.  If residents want to verify if a solicitor has registered with the City, they can call 507.835.9740.  If anyone comes to your home unsolicited to give you advice, an estimate of damage, or just wants to talk with you about your damage and you don’t want them there, ask them to leave.  If they do not leave, call 507.835.0500.

If property owners have damages to their property, the City recommends the homeowners consider the following:

  1. If you have damage, please contact your insurance company agent first and follow their advice.
  2. Before selecting a contractor, items you may want to consider include: Is the contractor registered with the City of Waseca? (All contractors performing work within the City of Waseca are required to be registered with the City before they can receive a building permit. If you have a question if the contractor is registered with the City, call 507.835.9743 to verify. Contractors registered with the City are not endorsed by the City, registration is only a requirement to be issued a building permit and verifies that the contractor is licensed by the State of Minnesota)

The City of Waseca will be providing free removal of downed trees/limbs/brush starting September 29, 2014. For more information on this program, please look under the “what’s happening section” of this website.

For more information, please contact Waseca City Hall, at 507-835-9700.

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